Ugly Shoes Indeed

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

Balenciaga Ugly Shoes
dominatrix-looking shoes from Chloe
Nina Ricci Ugly ShoesAlexander McQueen Ugly Shoes

Baghaus Blog posted  some pics of  killer  shoes that were quite obviously designed by men who hate women.   Would you be caught dead wearing any of these?  

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  1. Gaye McGill says:

    You have truly collected photos of some extraordinary ugly shoes. I wouldn’t wear them and I wouldn’t go out in public with anyone who had the bad taste to do so.

  2. cardenas says:

    Those shoes are uglyyyyy!! —–u gleyyy!

  3. you bitches probably weigh 200pounds thats why you bitch about shoes you cant shove your fat feet in

  4. Uma is a moron…anyone who thinks these look good is just plain stupid.

  5. Molley erm says:

    i love the shoes i need to bye then then ill crap on em i love to eat my pooop mmmmmmmmmmmmm i tuch my self at night

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