More Nike Reax Run Rooters

My favorite shoes are Nike's Reax Run. They are just comfortable like anything. Casual outing or Jogging, it relaxes me everywhere. They look so cool. ~ Aabha, TX The Nike Reax Run is a running shoe gives you all the support, comfort, and technology you need both on the track and off. Because we all know you can't run all the time. Sometimes you like comfortable, cool-looking shoes just for hanging out. Synthetic and cooling mesh upper, lace-up front. Padded in all the right spots: collar, … [Read more...]

Nike Reax Run Baby Run

Wow, what a great response we've gotten from fellow shoe addicts!   Deb, from Florida, is our first recipient of a Free Tshirt, and here is her "shoe story"  submission.... I love all Nike air shoes. They are comfy for any activity. I have over 30 pair. I was wearing them in every important life milestone... i.e. meeting the man of my dreams, having my son, saving a life. Don't get me wrong, high heels are great, too, but when you need to be fast and comfortable, I need my Nikes! ~ Deb, … [Read more...]