Place Your Bets with Reef Dealer

  A friend of mine just ordered these Reef "Dealer" flip flops (shown left) available from, $34.  The felt playing surface and poker table markings along with a  poker chip on the heel makes them fun.    Ironically, he wore them to a golf outting, and Reef also offers another style, Mulligan flip-flops  (shown right)  geared toward golf with a synthetic turf footbed and gold ball dimple embossed leather. Guess he had his sports mixed up for the day. [phpbay]flip-flops, 1[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Good Golf Day

I played in a golf tournament this past weekend. It was  sponsored by a local bar and was for women only. We have a great group, lots to drink and lots of fun. One of the ladies in our group was wearing these Reef Mulligan flip flops.   She is also the one that brought along  2 gallons of Bloody Mary's to sip on throughout the day! But the bonus of the day,  more than seeing fun shoes, was that we won a lot of money! Reef Mulligan Golf Sandals are available from! Patent … [Read more...]