Spring Shoe Styles as seen on Steve Harvey

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My new favorite day time talk show is the The Steve Harvey Show.   So imagine my delight today when they had a segment on Spring Shoe Styles with guest designer Jacqui Stafford.   Most of the shoe styles they recommended are available from ShoeDazzle* and sell for around $50 each.   Here’s my takeaway on the different styles:

Nakiro at Shoe Dazzle

Spring Shoes For The Office – all styles are polished, professional yet fashion forward to make a statement.

Spring Shoes for Girls’ Night Out –  straps are the biggest trends, so don’t be afraid of straps!

Spring Shoes for a Casual Weekend – Remember that wedges are the most comfortable heels.   Combine with an elevated platform for the look of height.

Spring Shoes for Formals & Glam Office Parties – includes works of art, embellishments, jewels to shows off great legs.   The more foot you shoe, the sexier the look.

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