Shoes in the News: June 2014 Edition

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Let’s start this month’s shoe news off with some shoe stats! 20% of women admit that they are more aroused by new shoes than by their significant other. Read more results on

If you’re a child of the 70’s (like me), it’s more than likely that you’ll remember these essential women’s shoes in the 1970’s.

Have you seen Gandys Flip Flops?  Read the story of what motivates their founders.

Good Morning America reports on how podiatrists are warning about the potential for contracting athlete’s foot when trying on new stylish shoes. Ewwww. GMA recommends the SteriShoe Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer.

Clogs are the new favorite summer shoe according to Vogue. Styleite may think clogs are hideous, but I like them. Plus shoe designer Nina Z told Racked why women who wear clogs are sexy.

The New York Times reported that women are having “Cinderella” foot surgeries so they can wear designer shoes in comfort.

Skechers sues Reebok for patent infringement saying that that Reebok’s Walk Ahead RS shoes infringe patents related to Skechers’ Go Walk shoes.

And I leave you with a video from Buzzfeed on why women wear heels.

Special thanks to the “formerly shoe-obsessed” Wayne for contributing many articles for me to share.

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