#Shoeaholic Finds: Merona Flats

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

Since I share my shoe finds with all of you, I think it’d be awesome for all of you to share your shoe finds with us! Simply use the hashtag #Shoeaholic on your favorite social media site, ie Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, etc, and we’ll grab the images from there to share in a round-up post right here!  They can be pics of actual shoes you own or images of shoes you want to own, actually any shoes you think are worth sharing! Or you could simply email us, too. We love to hear from fellow shoe addicts!

Alright, I’ll go first. I just uploaded this pic to Instagram (do you follow me?):

Merona Flats on Clearance at Target

During my last trip to Target, I scoured the shoe section and found a few Merona gems for 75% off!

Okay, it’s your turn! Share your #Shoeaholic finds with us!

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