Pumps + Booties = Pooties?

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Dolce Vita Tina

Dolce Vita Tina

“The shoe-obsessed” Wayne sent me  this “Pooties”  email about Dolce Vita Tina slip-ons, and I love ’em! I love both  the black/brown and brown/black  combos, and if the heel  wasn’t so high, I’d probably invest in them.   Wayne, can you find me a similar pair with a tad shorter heel?   If you can handle 5″ heels, these Dolce Vita pooties are available from Zappos.com.

[phpbay]dolce vita, 2[/phpbay]

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  1. "The shoe-obsessed" Wayne says:

    Glad to see you’re using (and approving of) one of the shoes I profile…


  2. The heels seem to high for my taste. Even though over all I like them.

  3. Really cools pootites, never seen that kind of stuff before.Its a class thta you people has introduced and i like these a lot.

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