PMS = Purchase More Shoes

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 PMS... Purchase More Shoes

For my birthday,  my friend, Dustie made me this gift. She had gotten the idea from a craft fair, and she’s creative enough to remember and remake things on her own.   Squeak is also creative and gave me a lovely autumn wreath that she made as well! I wish I were so crafty.

Anyway, Dustie found a greeting card with shoes on it, cut it  to fit in a picture frame and put metallic  letter decals  around the frame saying “PMS… Purchase More Shoes“.   She has me pegged!

Now you have a great gift idea for other shoe lovers!

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  1. that is fantastic. She should make 100 and sell them on etsy. Although part of my current enthusiasm might be that I have PMS and am craving new shoes today. But still – so creative & fun.

  2. I love it! I agree with Amy, she *should* make more and sell them on etsy!

  3. What a great idea – she is very crafty and yes, I believe she can definitely sell these. PMS, funny!

  4. Love it! Especially hysterical since just moments before I purchased a new pair of shoes from e-bay, am blaming it on my hazy, chocolate-induced PMS state!

  5. That would be so uber perfect for my sister-in-law! It’s adorable – I’m going to have to remember that for when her birthday comes up! (Unless I can whip it up really quickly before Christmas! Doubtful…)

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