Please ID these Purple Suede Shoes

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

Lauren of BiadaBella would like help identifying these shoes…

I NEED to know the origin of these purple suede shoes.  I’ve posted them on my blog, but no one seems to know the brand.  I want them soo badly, and I know that I could count on my fellow shoeaholics to identify them.   Thank you!

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  1. MY guess would be YSL, Lanvin or maybe Derek Lam. Have you checked those sites?

  2. Those are Christian Dior. They were sold at Neiman Marcus, but are now sold out. The link is a little long to post here, but google search “Christian Dior Cutout Wedge” to see them at NM. Looks like they are on eBay too.

  3. FSP: I worship you. Seriously, thanks so much for your help! I had been checking brands I suspected (YSL, Lanvin, Dolce&Gabbana) but I’m eternally grateful. Thanks millions!

  4. all i know is that they are really great!!!

  5. Hi there!! These are the Dior Cutout Wedge. Amazing shoe!! They are from a previous season, but I have seen them at Neiman Marcus Last Call at Sawgrass Mills…I tried them on, and they very nearly left with me!! What size are you?

  6. In this case (considering how much I need them) anywhere from 7 to 9 (: do you happen to know what collection they belong to?

  7. Hi Lauren! They are spring 2008. Here’s a pic,0,1

  8. I have those Diors and they’re SUPER comfy. Good luck finding a pair Lauren! Try eBay 🙂

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