Osiris South Bronx Skate Shoes

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Osiris ::: Womens Osiris Bronx Mid - Black

Mallory had wanted a new pair of shoes for her birthday back in January, but we could never find any online or instore that she liked in her size!   So she’s been searching for the last two months.   I told her I  would  spend around $70 as that is what I spent on her twin sister’s birthday present. Well, last weekend, after we finally found confirmation dresses and adequate flip-flops  while shopping at the mall,  I ran into Bath & Body Works to use my free BBW printable coupons, while Mallory ventured in Journeys.   She finally found some shoes she liked – Womens Osiris Bronx Mid-Black Skate Shoes – and they had her size in stock! And the cost? $69.99 – you can’t get any closer to $70 than that! They are also available online at Journeys.com  – obviously she didn’t look there?

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  1. its a nice deal at $70

  2. These are bloomin awesome! Any idea if they are available in the UK? All these special editions I can only find in the US.

  3. i HATE those shoes

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