Naughty Monkey Easy As Pie Silver Sandals: Vajazzling for your Feet?

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

When I first met Bryce Gruber from The Luxury Spot, I didn’t know she was famous for being vajazzled (yeah bedazzling for your vajayjay), I just liked her shoes! Upon inquiring about them, she said, “I bought them from some no-name little boutique in New York City, and they didn’t have a name… just a swirly design/logo that I’ve worn off from walking so much!”

So, on my quest to find some similar flat silver gladiators, I came across these Naughty Monkey Easy As Pie gladiator-inspired silver thong sandals, on sale from, $58.46 with Free Shipping.

What do you think? The shimmering beaded vamp does resemble vajazzling in a way, does it not?

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  1. Yes, it does resemble “vajazzling” but I prefer it much better on shoes! Lol. But seriously, for gladiator sandals, these are really cute. I’d wear them for sure!
    –Dr. Michele

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