More Dolce Vita Knockoff Sandals

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

Last week’s knockoff  Dolce Vita sandals  were a big hit, so now what do you think of these?

Dolce Vita Metallic Athena Draped Closed Back Thong        Gold Back Thongs

Dolce Vita Metallic Athena Draped Closed Back Thong (left),  $120 from

Gianni Bini “Xanadu” in Sand Gold (right), $79 exclusively from Dillard’s

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  1. Must say that I really like this model, something new and different for this summer! I work for a shoe shop in Florence,Italy and we have several sandals this summer very similar to these Dolce Vita sandals…But I prefer this style in more earthy colours like brown, beige etc.

  2. Dolce Vita knocks off most of their shoes…. so this is just a knock off of a knock off. lol

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