Mind Your P’s and S’s

Every week at our Kiwanis gatherings, we play a fun trivia game of sorts.   Last week, the question was “How many things can you name that start with the letter “S” that you put on your feet?”   And can you believe I didn’t win?!   Here’s the things we came up with…

Shoes, Socks, Sandals, Sneakers, Slippers, Skis, Skates, Snowboots, Slides, Stilts, Stockings, Stir-ups, Skechers

Can you think of any others?   Then I read this “P” quote from Heather Hannan of Macy’s Department Store  that I wanted to share…

“There are six P’s to follow when shopping for new shoes this season: peep toe, platform, patent leather, polka dots, primary colors and prints.”

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