I want to be Barbie.

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Barbie Shoes

Barbie Shoes

I saw these pics of Barbie shoes over on Crispy’s Shoes Blog (and I believe they belong to Hermine Vermeij), but the first thing that came to mind was a card that Squeak told me about, “I want to be Barbie. That bitch has everything.”   So true.

Man, I used to love to play with Barbie dolls.   I especially loved to go to my grandma’s house to play with Squeak’s old Barbie dolls.   My three daughters never got into them as much as I did, against my much delight.   But I still coin the guest room as “Barbietown” as it’s full of Barbie houses and cars and totes of Barbie and friends.   And it also houses my Holiday Barbie collection.   I have every Barbie in that collection from 1989 still new in the box.   The first one debuted in 1988 and goes for a pretty penny if you can find one. I’ll have to go downstairs and take a pics of the Barbies to share, and then maybe I’ll line up all the Barbie shoes!

[phpbay]barbie doll, 2[/phpbay]

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  1. Thanks for figuring out who those pictures belong to! I found them on google without a reliable source, but didn’t want to pass up the great picture and sharing it with others!!


  2. "The shoe-obsessed Wayne" says:

    Women (or anyone, for that matter) should only wear gladiators ONLY if given a matching breastplate…

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