How to keep jeans tucked in boots

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Ever wonder how to keep your jeans tucked into your boots? Well, we found the answer….

Stiruppz !

No more pushing, sliding and stuffing your jeans back into your boots every time you walk, sit, bend or squat! Stiruppz are designed of elastic webbing, nylon and alligator clips to keep your jeans in place so you can keep moving. One size fits all and are comfortable enough to wear all day.

My daughter loves wearing these so much with her skinny jeans tucked into her black boots that I may never get them back!

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  1. I discovered a great new product called Jean Straps ( They are removable stirrups that attach to the bottom of your jeans via a garter clip. They are super easy to use and they only cost $9.99. The garter clips lay flat so unlike the metal clips that I have seen other products use, they don’t add extra bulk in your boot. Love them! Just bought a bunch for stocking stuffers.

  2. Gotta try JeanGrabbers – best product out there to keep jeans in boots. And they are darling.

  3. Funny I never would of thought of that. Although as handy as it looks, that may not be possible with some boots as the jeans would be to thick. Just a thought at least.

  4. Rebekah Black says:

    The metal clips hurt my feet, but for anyone who’s interested, sells a pretty comfortable alternative. Good luck!

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