Blake Lively on Regis & Kelly Live

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Can you tell me who makes the pink heels that Blake Lively
wore on Live with Regis and Kelly on Wednesday, 10/24?   They were
adorable pink with black faux stone on top. ~

Anyone know? If so, please comment.  And if you have your own shoe-related question, please contact us and we’ll see if we can help.

Paris Hilton - Vogue (Pink Satin) - FootwearUpdate: Thanks to Jackie for finding Blake’s shoes (see comments).

To steal Blake Lively’s style (for less), check out Paris Hilton’s Vogue pumps in Pink Satin (shown left), only $99 from


  1. I too was obsessed with Blake Lively’s shoes when I saw her on Live with Regis and Kelly yesterday–and I stalked them all day! Turns out, they are from a boutique here in New York called Te Casan and the designer is Gaetano Perrone. They have a website but you have to order by phone–I just got two pair!

  2. Thanks Jackie!

    Here’s the website:

    And here’s the phone number:
    Phone 212-584-8000
    Toll free 1-877 tecasan

  3. Thanks so much! Yes, I found them as well. Unfortunately, they do not have my size in the ones with the jewel in any color – sold out. I am headed there today to see what I can find.

    Thanks so much!!!

  4. blake lively’s pink shoes are by tre cessan

  5. Yasemin says:

    Anyone know were the dress are from??

    I just love it and I want it.

  6. it’s actually not a dress
    its a shirt and a skirt
    but i cant remember who

  7. ilove blake lively she is the most beautfule girl in the world

  8. ilove blake lively she is the most beautfule girl in the world you are the best actress
    in the world and ilove gossip girls its the best show in the 11 chanel i love your
    clohtes they are amazing and they are beutfule clohtes

  9. i love blake lively with her pink shoes..awesome..

  10. Check out the trailer for Blake’s new film- The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

  11. Do you know the designer and location where I can purchase the boots Heidi Montag had on during todays Regis & Kelly show?

  12. She looks so pretty. Love her shoes!

  13. Email from Kari – I’m selling a pair of brand new, numbered, pink ballerina pumps identical to those that Blake Lively wore on Regis & Kelly a couple of years ago. In case any of your readers are interested.

  14. Nice , i think that pink will be the new fasion color !

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