Hard Time, High Heels?

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Do shoes reflect the economy? Laurel Pinson, editor  of Lucky Magazine, says yes!   Women buy and wear higher heels during tough economic times.   The heel makes a woman feel for confident with a “fake it til you make it” attitude.  

Patricia Field for Payless Conga Boot

25% of current shoe purchases include “really high heels”, ie 5″ and 6″ heels. And Laurel says you don’t have to  have a lot of money to get the high heel look, as she showcased these Patricia Field Conga Motorcyle Ankle Boots, which are currently on sale for only $22 from Payless.com!  

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  1. Is it really? I don’t really think so. I feel like wearing high heels is to get more attraction and nothing to do with the economy.

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