Fabulous Flip-Flop Find?

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

I’ve reiterated the fact over and over how I don’t like flip-flops because I can’t stand the feeling of something between my toes.   But I just found some of these Hue: Thong Wrapz that may be worthy of my time to try.

Available from BareNecessities.com (only $6) these soft gel strips are supposed to prevent thongs from irritating your skin plus they are reusable to keep your “feet feeling fabulous”.

Anyone tried them?

Update: BareNecessities is out-of-stock.   But I found them in stock at Dillard’s (still $6)!

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  1. hue thong wrapz and not on the bare necessities.com. I don’t where to buy them.

  2. Yes, it appears BareNecessities is currently out of stock, and I cannot find anywhere else online that sells Hue Thong Wrapz, not even eBay! Can anyone help? Thanks.

  3. Nancy Felker says:

    I read about them in the 5/19/08 issue of First. Bare Necessities doesn’t have them. I searched the net, but was not successful in locating them.

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