Cancer Sucks

I can agree with the words "Cancer Sucks". Not only does cancer suck in general, it really  sucks watching our  20 year old son  go through chemotherapy treatments.  He  just finished nine weeks of chemo, and the outlook  looks good. will donate 20% of the proceeds on the sales of these socks to the organization to help them raise money to find a cure. is a living memo ­rial dedicated and focused on raising as much money as possible for cancer … [Read more...]

Wear to Where these?

When looking for new styles on I came across these Mellow World Rose Parade shoes. The description states these adorable silk flats are smooth and comfortable to walk in. While I may agree with that comment,  I still wonder,  where do you wear these? For one thing it's winter here in Nebraska, and these would provide no warmth nor traction on snow and ice. I think I will leave it that they should be slippers, and not  shoes. You'll have to check  them out as there are several other … [Read more...]

Flip Flop Slippers

I really cannot figure out the point of flip flop slippers. When I think of slippers, I think of  keeping my  feet warm. These  Old Friend Sheepskin Flip Flop slippers  at seem totally useless to me. Maybe they provide the ultimate in barefoot comfort, but for $34.95 I'd rather have a real pair of shoes. [phpbay]slippers, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Shoes, Slippers & Boots from Soft Surroundings

Guest Post from Wayne... Women's Leather Laced Kitten Heel Jezebel Boot - Brown Turkish Taffy Women's Mule Slide And for the pet lovers... Women's Snuggly Soft Slipper with Puppy or Kitten Design Don't forget Saturday Sale!  Save up to 60%! … [Read more...]

Where to Wear these?

OK,  help me out here... Where does one wear these socks? Are they  designed  to be worn under skirts? Maybe a dance recital or better yet, maybe Halloween? I honestly cannot think of anyone I know that would have this item in their closet, let alone wear them  in public. However, if you're into them, there are a ton to choose from on From what I can tell Celeste Stein has the corner on this market. [phpbay]pantyhose, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]