Why The Choice Of The Perfect Running Shoes Matters So Much For Women
Sleek suede or metallic surfaces richen ADDON’s classically simple silhouette — characterized by toe and ankle straps and a tall block heel.  Style the sandal with a spaghetti-strapped dress or tank to channel 90's minimalism.

What Shoes To Wear In 2016?

You know what they say: Life’s too short to wear boring shoes. And this is the exact mantra that 2016 has adopted when it comes to shoe trends. While there are certain trends that have been readopted from previous seasons, this year is reinventing the idea of stylish. Before you start planning your perfect outfits for the […]

Tea Dress with Sandals

What Shoes To Wear With Every Type Of Dress This Summer

Choosing the right pair of shoes to match to your dresses can often be tricky. Making sure that your shoes are the perfect match depends on a whole range of different factors, such as whether your outfit is casual, formal or black-tie, how much walking you expect to be doing whilst you’re wearing the dress, […]

Pink Martini Skyscraper Shoe Black

Pink Martini Skyscraper Caged Heels

I wish I had time to blog about all three of my daughters’ cute shoes! Today I happened to snap a pic of my daughter, Mallory, before heading off to a wedding. I didn’t even know she had recently bought these super cute Pink Martini Skyscraper Sandals! And, of course, she looked beautiful pairing them with […]