A City Shoe with Outback Skills

When I started my new job, I went shopping for a new pair of shoes.   I found a light weight Merrell dress shoe.   This  Merrell Spire Stretch  is the lightest weight shoe I have.    They also goes great  with all my dress clothes, so I can wear it with most anything.   Available from OnlineShoes.com with Free Shipping! … [Read more...]

Got BOGO on the Brain?

My Katie Loafer is the most comfortable and stylish loafer I have ever owned.   It is unique by having a higher heel height and thinner heel than all the other loafers which are flat and low heeled.   I buy mostly all my shoes at Payless.   Their prices are outstanding, many times offering "buy one, get one half off". ~ Cindy, MA Payless is again offering BOGO!   Buy One, Get One Half-Off!   Hurry, ends 2/26! … [Read more...]

Momma, I want some Mia’s!

I love all of the shoe stories  being submitted!   I wish I could add them as fast as they are coming in! Be sure to check back periodically to see all the new submissions. I have over 120 pairs of shoes so I have a lot to choose from and all of them are nice shoes, but everytime I get ready to go out I end up with my Mia Harvards! They are so comfy and they even have a 3" heel. Most of my shoes that have a 3" or taller heel are not comfortable so that's why I always turn to my Mia's. I like … [Read more...]

Shoe Carnival was Good to Me

The girls and I trekked to Sioux City shopping today.   We hit a huge sale at Shoe Carnival!   I came away with 3 pairs... Somethin' Else by Skechers Crashers Deadline (in Dark Brown, picture below is of Black), Victoria Spenser Sweden Boots (I couldn't find a pic online) and some Tommy Hilfiger Clogs... and that was just one of my purchases... [phpbay]victoria spencer, 10[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Mootsies Tootsies Shoe Lovers Dream

My boyfriend and I are currently pursuing a long-distance relationship, so we frequently send each other pictures via email.   Above is the picture I took yesterday (before I went shoe shopping), and I'm wearing Mootsies Tootsies Leather Loafers (great shoes  to wear while shopping, btw). Ignore my messy desk. I have always been a fan of Mootsies Tootsies, and not just because it's cool to try to  pronounce the name (try saying  it really fast three times - totally tongue twister).   … [Read more...]