High Heels for Babies

I first heard of Heelarious "her first high heels" on the TODAY show. I instantly thought they would be the perfect gift for my cousin Erin's daughter, but they are $40, which is a bit pricey for something infants grow out of quite quickly (designed for babies ages 0-6). But if money was no object, I think these soft, fully functional crib shoes are a great baby gift for a baby girl, even if the press objects. Available in a variety of colors and prints from Zappos.com, they come packaged in … [Read more...]

3 Pairs of Shoes for $10

I have to challenge Kim's 3 pairs of shoes for $20.   I found 3 pair of shoes for $10  last week  at Target! Of course, mine are the red ones. My daughter got the zebra ballets. And who could pass up the cute little jellies?! Those will be for a co-worker's little girl. [phpbay]jelly sandals, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Miss Merin in Minnie

Yesterday, I hosted a Mother's Day luncheon for my family.   Here is one of the snapshots of my god-daughter, Merin, showing off her new Minnie Mouse shoes from Famous Footwear. They are SO cute on her!   Well, she's cute in whatever she wears, but I may be a little prejudice.   Disney Kids' Minnie Spice sneakers are available from FamousFootwear.com. [phpbay]disney shoes, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Squeak for WeSqueak

Have you ever wondered why I have the nickname Squeak? I was four years old when one of my babysitters said I squeaked vs squealed and I've had it ever since. Some people do not even know my real name is Joanne.   I think the nickname makes me sound younger and smaller. I do not like it when people spell it the wrong way. That's why I liked finding WeSqueak.net, not only do they have cute little shoes for kids,  they spell it the way I do. There are some real fun little shoes, both for play and … [Read more...]

More Celeb’s Tot’s Shoes

Jennifer Garner was spotted leaving a supermarket in Brentwood, California,  last Sunday with daughter, Violet Anne, in tow.   Violet is sporting some Ecco Kids Jack Adventure Shoes in Espresso/Espresso, available from Zappos.com - $75.95 - Free Shipping. I won't tell her I think they are boy shoes.   And isn't Violet a bit young to be chewing Orbit gum? [phpbay]ecco kids, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]