Cancer Sucks

I can agree with the words "Cancer Sucks". Not only does cancer suck in general, it really  sucks watching our  20 year old son  go through chemotherapy treatments.  He  just finished nine weeks of chemo, and the outlook  looks good. will donate 20% of the proceeds on the sales of these socks to the organization to help them raise money to find a cure. is a living memo ­rial dedicated and focused on raising as much money as possible for cancer … [Read more...]

Squeak Meets Andrea

While in Vegas, I was  introduced to Andrea Marko from She and I  were both attending the Affiliate Summit and met at the Glam Interactive Group gathering, which by the way was very nice, too. Andrea represents several shoe  lines for, K. Jordan, Masseys and Auditions, just to mention a few.  Anyway if Shoeaholics Anonymous cannot help find you shoes, Andrea can! It was fun meeting her, and the gathering was a bonus. [phpbay]sandals, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Superstars in Super Colors

    I  am a big fan of the adidas shell toe sneakers. Ya know how they have the colored stripes on the sides? Well  I used to buy a pair of shoes of every color that I wear.  I would match each different pair of shoes to my outfit that  I would wear for the day.  I had like 7 different pairs of adidas shell toe sneakers. ~ Marcy, MA     [phpbay]adidas shoe, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

What a Deal to Boot

I bought a pair of these Rampage Stretch Knee High Boots  at the beginning of Winter and have been wearing them a lot.   Well, that was until I slipped on the ice and broke off a heel. So,  last Sunday  when I was out shopping, I found the same boot at Famous Footwear for $25  plus they had an additional 25% off Clearance, and I had a $5 off coupon! Grand total $14.71-  what a deal! [phpbay]black boot, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Mom Gives Thumbs Up to Skechers

As you read this, I will be in New York City with my mother for Ad-Tech. Ah, the joys of Wordpress being able to edit the timestamp to post in the future while away. Anyway, my mom wanted some new shoes before our trip, so she opted for these Women's Skechers Bikers Jersey Sandals (yes, they are sandals).   And I asked her to write up a blurb on why she chose these particular shoes, and she responded... Yes, those are the exact shoes I bought.    I thought they  were very comfortable and kind … [Read more...]