Mom Gives Thumbs Up to Skechers

As you read this, I will be in New York City with my mother for Ad-Tech. Ah, the joys of Wordpress being able to edit the timestamp to post in the future while away. Anyway, my mom wanted some new shoes before our trip, so she opted for these Women's Skechers Bikers Jersey Sandals (yes, they are sandals).   And I asked her to write up a blurb on why she chose these particular shoes, and she responded... Yes, those are the exact shoes I bought.    I thought they  were very comfortable and kind … [Read more...]

Hoot Hoot Who is Wearing These

A co-worker came in this morning wearing this Mary Jane inspired sneaker from Skechers. I commented how cute she looked with her  denim skirt and brown T-shirt. She asked if I had noticed the owl at the heel of it, and I had not. I was more interested that the plaid had both black and brown.   That's a double bonus when combining those two colors as  it makes it easier to wear with several outfits.   Women's Skechers Soulmates Reality Check Sneakers are available from … [Read more...]

Skechers Screaming Pink

Yikes! Are these Girls' Skechers Shooting Stars Swizzlers screaming pink or what!? This Mary Jane inspired style with glitter upper is sure to make a statement on the first day of school. If the pink is just too blinding for you, they also come in silver. Available from … [Read more...]

Shoeaholicism is Hereditary

I decided I need to make a pact that if I buy a new pair of shoes, I should get rid of a different pair so that my closet does not runneth over with shoes.  Maybe I'll start that next week.   Or the week after.   Here's the shoes I bought this week while in Denver... Tommy Hilfiger Brown Slides Aerosoles Stretch Slides Of course, my daughters, who all inherited my shoeaholicism, tend to get jealous when I buy only myself new shoes, so I brought them home each a new pair as … [Read more...]

Amuse Yourself with These Skechers Boots

I LOVE Skechers Shoes! ALL of their Casual Styles are rockin, but I recently started buying their dress shoes, boots and sandals! I just can't get enough of the darn things! Right now my favorite is the  Skecher Shindigs - Amusement in Chestnut. With the winter storm that blew thru here I don't want to wear any of my other Skechers and get them all dirty. These are warm, very comfortable and pretty darn stylish! I almost hate to see the snow melt! ~ Gina, PA Man, those are cute!   We got our … [Read more...]