These Shoes are Made for Walking: The Best Shoes to Travel in this Holiday

We all love heading out to see our friends and family for the holidays, but it's also one of the hardest times of year to travel, especially if you're flying long distances or have multiple lay-overs. It's easy enough to pack everything you need to look great once you arrive at your destination, but what most of us forget about is finding the perfect outfit to actually travel in. We need comfort, but don't want to look like a bum. We want to look fashionable, but not like we went all out just to … [Read more...]

Five Fashionable Running Shoes

Exercise doesn't have to be limited to baggy sweat pants and old, smelly sneakers. There is a range of fashionable gear available for athletes of all kinds, including stylish shoes. If you're a runner, there are some unique options available outside of your typical Nikes and Reeboks. Here's a look at some of the more unique fashion trends we found in running shoes: 1. Invisible Running Shoes Yes, you can see them, and, yes, they look like flip flops. The "invisible" part is how … [Read more...]

PUMA Cell Voltra Running Shoes

The Puma Cell Voltra Running Shoe just hit shelves a couple of weeks ago, and the fine folks from sent me a pair to test-drive! I was a bit hesitant as I'm pretty Nike brand loyal, but I wore these out for a walk, jog and bike ride yesterday and loved them! So much that I can't wait to go out again today! Thanks Puma! There are so many moments in life that we find ourselves wishing we could fast forward, whether we're panting through a particularly arduous workout or racing around town … [Read more...]

Puma: Not a Pump

I have a co-worker that is very dedicated in checking out Shoeaholics Anonymous everyday. THANK YOU!   So today I was telling her about this Puma Women's Gv Spadrille  pump, and this is actually her titles and  thoughts... "The description on Amazon  refers to this shoe as a  super-cute pump.  I'm sorry, but  this is not my definition of a pump.  The leather upper, looks like rubber. Very Shiny, not a real fan of shiny. I have a problem with shiny. Rubber Outsole:  The whole thing looks … [Read more...]

Just Plain Ugly Golf Boots

These have got to be the ugliest golf shoes boots I have even seen. Who would honestly wear these? Really, when I think of golf, I think of a warm sunny day and no wind. I am not thinking Gore-Tex ® boots. While the ad may say "Made for a true innovator of the fairways, this breakthrough women's specific style fuses the best technology with the functional fashion of a boot." I'm wondering what Puma was thinking. In all honesty, Puma has some great golf shoes, but  these Puma Concorde GTX HI … [Read more...]