Perfect Pleaser Pageant Shoes

Do you think of fashion when you think of pageantry? You certainly think beauty, class and elegance. As a pageant girl you need to dress in the parameters of your pageant rules. Americas Miss Junior Pageant says when picking a gown you must have "presence and composure". Where you actually get the chance to splurge on originality would be when you're picking your shoes! Selecting the right pageant pandal can certainly add the perfect touch to any ensemble. But, the shoes you choose can … [Read more...]

Mamma Mia Platform Boots

  Kim and I spent this past weekend in New York City. My favorite part of the trip was seeing Mamma Mia on Broadway. I had been to the movie, but it does not come close to comparing to the actual show. Of course, both Kim and I would take note on the shoes. I'm not saying I would buy these  silver platform boots,  but they'd be great for a costume party paired with a 70's Disco ABBA Costume! Pleaser USA Exotica-2000 Funtasma Sexy Shiny Brazen Boots, available from, … [Read more...]

Q&A: Shoe help

Q: Hello, I'm searching for this patent black/white tuxedo ankle boot as seen on ebay.   I'm from Germany and I can't find them in size 38.   Can you help me?   ~ Katja A: Hi Katja, First off, I would recommend contacting that ebay seller as it looks like they are a power seller with many, many listings, and they may have some in stock, just not listed. Without knowing the brand name of these shoes, it  is difficult to find, but we found some similar alternatives (click pics below for more … [Read more...]

Guess the Spectator Shoe

Ahhhh~good ol' spectators! I bought these  beauties off eBay and I cannot wait to wear them out. They are classic,  yet sexy! These spectators are by far the cutest shoes I have seen in  awhile. They are sitting in my closet right now just waiting for the  perfect time to be worn, I sometimes take them out & try them on for  fun...even if it is in my pajamas! ~ Shannon, MO Anyone know the brand of this shoe? Update: Thanks to a reader, we now know they are indeed Pleasers shoes.   They … [Read more...]

Stripper Boots, Anyone?

When I brought home the new shoes I bought last week, one of my twin daughters (she is almost 13) commented that my new boots look like "stripper boots"! To which I replied, "Have you been to a strip club lately?" Um, I didn't think so.   I intend to wear my lace-up suede boots with a long brown skirt.   But if I were on a mission to buy actual "stripper boots" to wear with just a G-string  (Friday nights are amateur night at the Cockatoo Gentleman's Club), I would buy these... Pleaser USA … [Read more...]