Guest Post: Dispelling Common Misconceptions about Zero Drop Shoes

Minimalist running shoes are all the rage"”depending on which circles you're running in. I've been very intrigued by crossfit shoes, but I have heard some things that have concerned me; but first, for those who have seen five-finger shoes but know little else about this curious apparel, let's look at the technology driving the industry. … [Read more...]

Best Shoes for Vacationing?

Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove Shoes Choosing the right shoes for your vacation to Madagascar, Alaska, Florida or Hawaii is just as important as choosing the location itself. Taking full advantage of an African Safari can be hard to do in flip-flops just as enjoying a day on the beach in steel-toed boots is nearly impossible. When you're purchasing plane tickets to Juneau, arranging a day of deep sea fishing in the Pacific Ocean or booking a beach condo in Panama City, give thought to   the … [Read more...]

Sandals Calling My Name

Can't afford Nicky Hilton's gladiators? Andrea from Shoemall responded with some great alternatives for less. The Nine West Jobilyn Sandals are very, very similar. But I fell in love with these Merrell Women's Valetta Sandals! I don't know if I personally would classify these are gladiators, which is fine, as this is more "my style". Even the description makes my mouth drool... "¢ An open-air sandal that makes it fine to feel strapped "¢ Premium European soft leather/PU coated upper "¢ … [Read more...]

Good New York Walking Shoes

My mom called  to tell me she bought some new shoes to go to New York again.   Um, does that mean I have to take her along again? LOL. Since shattering her ankle, it is hard for her to find a pair of decent shoes to walk any distance in. But yesterday she bought these Merrell Tetra Wave Slides and reports they are "very, very, very (yes, she said 'very' three times) comfortable, and they feel like wearing tennis shoes with a good cushion inside."   Available from … [Read more...]

A City Shoe with Outback Skills

When I started my new job, I went shopping for a new pair of shoes.   I found a light weight Merrell dress shoe.   This  Merrell Spire Stretch  is the lightest weight shoe I have.    They also goes great  with all my dress clothes, so I can wear it with most anything.   Available from with Free Shipping! … [Read more...]