Guest Post: Shoes for Free Running – How to Choose the Perfect Pair

If you want to buy shoes for free running, then you will have to take several things into consideration before parting with your money. Read on. 1. The Price Shoes for free running tend to differ greatly when it comes to price and this will usually depend on which brand you choose to buy. FiveTen, for example, is one of the most popular choices for free running shoes since they specialize in creating durable shoes with great grip. K-Swiss, on the other hand, is a newbie in the trend of … [Read more...]

K-Swiss, Simple But Kewl

I prefer plain kind of shoes so I look towards K-Swiss. I was thinking of buying this shoe called Wolert by K-Swiss. It's a simple plain looking shoe and I do like the strips that's put on the sides of the shoe. Also their logo is cool and makes the shoes look good. ~ Barry, NY K-Swiss Men's Wolert Shoes are available from with FREE Shipping! … [Read more...]