Shoes that work you out

Just because you're working out doesn't mean you don't still want to wear cute shoes, but the right shoes for the gym or your favorite outdoor activity require more than just a high score on the cute-o-meter. Active shoes need to offer support, keep your body mechanics safe, fit correctly and be comfortable and durable enough to wear for hours at a time. No matter how well made a shoe is, wearing the right shoe for the right activity is the key to comfort and support. Chaco The Chaco … [Read more...]

Halter Tops For Your Feet

I used to have trouble with bone spurs, but these great ergonomic Chaco Angelica Sandals are not only stylish, they ended my pain! ~ Diane, IA Like a halter top for your feet. In response to living a real life, constructed with an additional toe loop for when the pace of your recreational pursuits picks up. Chaco Biocentricâ„¢ contoured footbed provides all-day comfort.   Rich leather footbed feels great against bare feet.   Leather-wrapped Carbosan ® (activated carbon in latex foam) reduces … [Read more...]