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iSqueez Foot Massager

There are days when my feet hurt, and a massage sounds wonderful. I'd love to give this iSqueez  Calf and  Foot Massager  a try, but I am way too cheap. I cannot see spending $399  (available from  when that much money  could be put towards buying several more pairs of shoes! But if money is no object and you love shoes, I'm thinking this would be a great luxury addition to massage away tension and fatigue from tired feet. [phpbay]foot massage, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Perks of Shoeaholicism

[youtube]fM5j3Bh-V7A[/youtube] I was making my Mailbox Monday video yesterday of all the cool stuff I got in the mail last week, and realized I got a lot of cool "shoe" stuff recently  (the perks of being the President of Shoeaholics Anonymous), so thought I'd make a quick video review of such. This was my first attempt with this video camera, so I apologize for the crappy sound. I even wore my "Will Work 4 Shoes" tshirt by coincidence. Tom's Shoes sent me the  "For Tomorrow: The Tom … [Read more...]

Puzzled Picking Out Your Wedding Shoes?

This is kind of fun - if  you go to this Your Dream Wedding site, you can find all sorts of  online puzzles to play, including this Bridal Shoes puzzle... [phpbay]puzzle, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Next Ring Master? Sarah Palin’s Shoes

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Naughty Monkey Bride

A friend and  co-worker of mine, who also happens to be a  big supporter of Shoeaholics Anonymous  is getting married soon. I love seeing her happy and even more seeing the planning. When she first told me she would be wearing  a black gown I about fell over.   Come to find out from the photo  the dress is  perfect and it's not all black. Now she has found these Flower Child Sandals from Naughty Monkey (available from  to go with the dress. I cannot wait to see the wedding … [Read more...]