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It’s All About the Shoes

Most people think that when they have a special event coming up that they need a new outfit, and then look for shoes. That is not always the case with me. When you like shoes like I do, you look for shoes and then then something to go with them. Another great idea is to buy a simple plain colored dress, and then add the accessories such as this "Coast" printed peep-toe slingback by Bettye Muller (A SimplySoles Exclusive). Add some cool jewelry, and you have a great look. P.S. Today is the … [Read more...]

Shine above the Rest

A good shoe shine is recognized, appreciated and acknowledged as the look of today's successful professionals - and now you can share this shine with others. Shine to Go shoe polisher gives today's professionals the look - and confidence - that can only come from shined shoes. ~ Zocalo Group sent me some of these convenient all-in-one, no mess shoe polishers that include a polish applicator and buffer with real cream polish to test out. How do they work? 1. Remove the shoe … [Read more...]

Kim got her Mary-Jane Brown Mules!

I have been wanting a pair of Mary-Jane Buckle brown mules ever since Squeak bought a black pair of the Aerosole Gift Snap shoes. Payless had a knock-off version for awhile, but I missed that boat. Then one of my friends wore a pair she had gotten from Target to my brother's birthday party last week, and said they were really comfortable. I was doubtful of them since I love my Aerosole mules so much, but took her word for it. So when Squeak called me last week to say the Merona Abigail Buckle … [Read more...]

Don’t Like ‘Em Sexy Shoes

I'm not saying I hate these, but I simply do not like them. Maybe part of the reason is that I hate snakes and these feature a textured imitation snake print design.... The description for these Michael Antonio Eris Sandals  on say they are "sexy" - not so sure I go along with that thought either. [phpbay]sexy sandals, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Pink Gladiator Sandals

They say fads come and go every 20 years. I just remembered that I used to have a pair of pale pink gladiator sandals (only we didn't call them gladiators) in high school, which would have been, ugh, twenty years ago. I have a trunk full of shoes (that isn't shown in my closet) that I no longer wear (ie my white moccasins) but can't part with for various reasons (sentimental value, my favorites, expensive, etc), and I thought for sure I had kept those pink sandals, but I can't find them! So … [Read more...]