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Hidden Heels?

Could someone tell me the point of a hidden heel, like this 80%20 Diva Hidden Wedge shown? Are there short people out there trying to secretly make themselves look taller? Why wouldn't you just buy a shoe with a heel or wedge on the outside? If you fall into this category and feel the need to hide the height then you can find several of these styles  on Zappos by 80%20. [phpbay]wedge heels, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Sort, Store, See, Show, Shoes

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No Excuses to Dart Idea

I had this great idea that I was going to start  walking over my lunch hour. Keep in mind I thought this was a good idea, but  getting started seems to be the problem. First it was the weather, which is a  good excuse as it has been raining everyday. My next excuse was I kept forgetting to bring walking shoes. My next idea was  that I would buy another pair of shoes  to keep at work. That idea went bad when my coupon for $10 off expired. When it comes right down to it,  the truth is it appears I … [Read more...]

Giraffe Spotted at Target

I was at Target today and "spotted" these Mossimo Danae Peep-Toe Pumps  in Giraffe - are  they not cute?!   And they are available online in every size as  for only $26.99.   No one will believe you actually bought these from Target.   I'm simply gonna say "I bought them online!"   While browsing, I see they also offer "Online Exclusive" shoes, including Isaac Mizrahi!   Plus Free Shipping with $50 purchase.   What's my Target card limit?! [phpbay]mossimo shoes, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Kristen on Casual Friday

On Fridays, we have casual day at the office, and we  usually  all wear jeans or Khaki's. Last  Friday Kristen came in with this outfit on, and I just had to take a picture and talk about it. Note the great detail on the shoes and shirt, they match perfectly! She says the shoes are a couple years old so not sure where she got them, but then the point of this blog was solely the matched detail. [phpbay]black sandals, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]