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Shoe-worthy Stuff for Today

My friend stopped over last night with his 7-year-old nephew, and our conservation went like this... Boy: You have a big house. Do you have a lot of kids? Me: Yep, more than I can handle sometimes. Boy: Did you adopt them all? Me: Nope, they are all mine. Boy: You have a hundred kids? Me: (Laughing) No, just four. Boy: Well, you have enough shoes here for a hundred. Shoes in the News (Special thanks to Wayne for many of the links) Break in your stillettos comfortably. Celeb-stylist … [Read more...]

Blake Lively’s Gossip Girl Red Heels

Can you help me locate these shoes? They're these beautiful metallic red heels Blake Lively is wearing on set after grabbing Starbucks with co-star Ed Westwick - April 17, 2008. I've been scouring the internet to no avail - would be much appreciated!! ~ladym They look similar to Stuart Weitzman's Cherry Patent Leather  Charleston Pumps without the ankle tie.   Anyone else know the exact brand/style? … [Read more...]

Put me in Coach Shoes

I have been wanting a Coach "patchwork" handbag  for some time, but think I  will wait to buy one on the streets of New York City  next time I visit to get one for less. But  now I saw these  Coach Jasmine Patchwork Leather Flats  and fell in love!   Since they are on sale at Gotham City Online  for $99.97 (and not available from street vendors), I think I may treat myself to a late Mother's Day present! [phpbay]coach handbag, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Zebra Girls

  Here are five of the six of us  from our TV group.    Jill is missing as she had a class reunion, and she was also missed by us that evening. We had a sleep over and Kris treated us all to matching zebra PJ's. The afternoon was spent sipping fufu drinks by the pool and the late hours sharing stories. Anyway these Zebra print shoes reminded me of the evening. Black and white is always good, but even better with a touch of my favorite color, RED. I could easily  see any of us six wearing these … [Read more...]

Shoe Q&A: What to Wear With?

Hi, I bought these gold suede flats from Zappos and they are absolutely beautiful in person, but I can't for the life of me figure out what to wear them with! I've never owned ballet flats before, and certainly not gold ones, so I was hoping you could help me. Maybe a post about them? Thank you!!! ~ Kayleigh Readers, can you help Kayleigh? Clarks Swan Gold Suede Flats available from [phpbay]gold flats, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]