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Q&A: You by Crocs?

Hi,    My friend came home from Colorado wearing You's green venice heels. She claims they are comfortable, they looked cute with her jeans on, but I am hesitant! I had to share with some of my fave shoe blogs to see if any had actually tried them?!    Love your site!     Thanks! Meg Dear Meg, Since your email address is meg***, and your I.P. address is from Colorado (Croc headquarters), we can only assume that you are a Crocs employee  trying to plug the You by … [Read more...]

Look Like Squeak

Last week,  Kim and I went out of town for the day, I was meeting an old friend, and she rode along for her day at the spa. Of course, we went shopping.   And of course, we looked at shoes!  I bought two pair, one of them  being these apt. 9 Shore Lizard Wedge Sandals from Kohl's. The funniest part was the first thing Kim said was "those look like you". Then this morning I showed them to a co-worker, and she said, "those look like you". So there you have it, these are my style and my … [Read more...]

Will Work 4 Shoes

Last week, after my day at the  spa  in Omaha, I had my first opportunity to visit a Steve & Barry's  store.   I could have spent hours in there as everything was only $8.98!   I tried on several of Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten shoes, but I just couldn't justify another pair of black heels when I already own umpteen plus pairs of them that I never wear.   My daughter made a haul though, and  I  came away with this "Will Work 4 Shoes" tshirt.   Cool, eh?   Now Squeak needs to show us a pic … [Read more...]

And I Thought My Feet Hurt

Ok, we have all had shoes that hurt our feet. As a matter of fact yesterday, I came into work at 6:00 am and by 7:15 had taken my shoes off. Can you imagine the pain and suffering that comes from trying to squeeze your feet into this shape.  Is this one of those  "things we do to look good"? … [Read more...]

Puma: Not a Pump

I have a co-worker that is very dedicated in checking out Shoeaholics Anonymous everyday. THANK YOU!   So today I was telling her about this Puma Women's Gv Spadrille  pump, and this is actually her titles and  thoughts... "The description on Amazon  refers to this shoe as a  super-cute pump.  I'm sorry, but  this is not my definition of a pump.  The leather upper, looks like rubber. Very Shiny, not a real fan of shiny. I have a problem with shiny. Rubber Outsole:  The whole thing looks … [Read more...]