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Behind the Shoe Scenes

I thought I'd share a few family  photos taken this past week... This is my son before his junior prom, wearing his Zengara shoes I ordered for him. And here's Squeak, Betty (Squeak's mom, Kim's grandmother) and myself.   We were celebrating Grandma Betty's 84th birthday. … [Read more...]

Bullseye Boot Deal

I liked the Wellie Boots that Squeak found, but I found some I  like better (and they are less expensive)!   These Wedge Rain Boots are from  are only $18.99! "¢ Rubber Upper with Rubber Outsoles and Fabric Lining "¢  2" Wedge Heel "¢  Features Side Gusset Buckle Closure "¢  Tagless Footbed, Treaded Sole Helps Prevent Slips [phpbay]rain boots, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

New Shiny Shoes for Me

I went shoe shopping  last Friday over my lunch hour  as I had a 25% off coupon and found nothing; I know it's sounds impossible, but I left the store with nothing! Then the next day I see these  round toe  wedges  in the ad for  Herberger's, I had to have them!     Of course, the coupon had expired, but  I ended up with them anyway. I  had a hard time choosing between the black and brown. Black won out. This  "Relativity Justin" is an exclusive from Herberger's, and the three inch … [Read more...]

Squeak for WeSqueak

Have you ever wondered why I have the nickname Squeak? I was four years old when one of my babysitters said I squeaked vs squealed and I've had it ever since. Some people do not even know my real name is Joanne.   I think the nickname makes me sound younger and smaller. I do not like it when people spell it the wrong way. That's why I liked finding, not only do they have cute little shoes for kids,  they spell it the way I do. There are some real fun little shoes, both for play and … [Read more...]

Cancer Sucks

I can agree with the words "Cancer Sucks". Not only does cancer suck in general, it really  sucks watching our  20 year old son  go through chemotherapy treatments.  He  just finished nine weeks of chemo, and the outlook  looks good. will donate 20% of the proceeds on the sales of these socks to the organization to help them raise money to find a cure. is a living memo ­rial dedicated and focused on raising as much money as possible for cancer … [Read more...]