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Nothing But A Hound Dog

These "Nothing But A Hound Dog" sassy little pumps  from Naughty Monkey can be found on Zappo's. I get a kick out of reading names of shoes and also shoe companies. It's almost as entertaining as watching people at an airport or concert. Anyway these are just as cute as their name, and I can see myself wearing them. These ultimate feminine cool kitten  heels in plaid fabric (available in blue, green and grey)  would make them work for for several looks.    $68.95 at (and free … [Read more...]

Yoga Sandals?

When I saw the term "yoga sandals", I thought "who wears sandals to do yoga?" But then I read the description... "Spread your toes" is a favorite yoga teacher mantra for a reason. Separating your toes improves your balance, flexibility and alignment. Worn around the house or on errands, our therapeutic sandals retrain your feet to do just that while also helping to relieve painful foot conditions. Interesting indeed.   They still look like pedicure sandals to me. Therapeutic … [Read more...]

I Cannot Wear ICONs

ICONot see myself purchasing a pair of blue ICON  dress flats  by GWYNETH. I agree the buckle adds a funky twist to this popular  style, and the thick top stitching brings contrast to the patent leather,  it's just the color of  blue that throws me off. I have no idea what outfit in my closet that I  could pair these up with? … [Read more...]

Stretch Shoes to Fit

I knew you could buy  shoe stretchers, but I thought they were only for the width.   I thought wrong!   These FootFitter Pro Two-Way Shoe Stretchers can widen the shoe in  oppressive places  plus lengthen the shoe.   What a perfect solution for those "I just had to buy these shoes even though they were too tight" shoes! Plus they allow you to widen your shoes exactly in areas where pressure points are located, offering relief for bunions and  hammertoes. I may suggest this for my mother as … [Read more...]

Fashion Forward Fitness Trainers

Everlast seems to be diversifying their product line from not just boxing products, but to include  fitness training products as well.  The  fine folks  from Everlast (thanks Christine!)  sent me these  Spirit II Fitness Trainers in White/Blue  to test out, and  I love 'em! I've been thinking about investing in  a new pair of cross-trainers, and I'm usually partial to Nike shoes, but these are awesome! Not only are they comfortable, but cool looking to boot! And the best part, they are afforable … [Read more...]