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We wish you a Merry Christmas

Last Christmas season, my brother told me I needed to resign my Christmas sweatshirts as they are "for old people".   I replied "no, they're not" until we walked into a restaurant and saw only blue-hairs (and me) wearing the holiday attire.     He rested his case. I haven't given up my Christmas socks, though.   And I wonder what  my brother  would think about these J. Renee Christmas Tree flats (available from In honor of Christmas tomorrow, there will be no shoe posts as we … [Read more...]

More Croc Accessories

  Ok, we have Jibbitz shoe charms for our Crocs.   And we have Croc-A-Doodles Art Sets for our Crocs. And now we have more things for Croc Lovers... First there's Crocs CrocsButter "a clean croc is a happy croc" -  Specially formulated to make your Crocs look like new again. Easy to use, this cream restores original luster and shine.   Applicator Included. $6.95 at Then there's Crocs Turbo Straps - Perfect for the sports and outdoor enthusiasts, the Turbo Strap adjusts for a … [Read more...]

Lace-Up Boots

I'm all for wearing boots in the winter with skirts and sweaters, but not so sure I would wear these.   This  lace-up Opal boot by Ann Marino  is  described as  "ready for fun".  It's description also mentions the "stiletto heel will give you great rise", and "the tall shaft will make your legs look marvelous". Also stated is that it's "a great boot to wear with dresses and skirts". Ok, maybe I'll reconsider.   Ann Marino Opal Lace-Up Boots available from - $49.99.   Don't … [Read more...]


What will they think of next?! You can now decorate and re-decorate your Crocs with this Croc-A-Doodles Art Set!   Set includes four washable paint pens in fuchsia, lime, orange and yellow; three washable markers in blue, red and black; an awesome stencil set and an artist sponge. You can color directly on your Crocs to create your own, one of kind, custom shoe.   Create again and again.   Crocs Croc-A-Doodles Set available from Shoemall for only $14.95 with Free … [Read more...]

Wear to Where these?

When looking for new styles on I came across these Mellow World Rose Parade shoes. The description states these adorable silk flats are smooth and comfortable to walk in. While I may agree with that comment,  I still wonder,  where do you wear these? For one thing it's winter here in Nebraska, and these would provide no warmth nor traction on snow and ice. I think I will leave it that they should be slippers, and not  shoes. You'll have to check  them out as there are several other … [Read more...]