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Apple of my Eye? NOT!

OK, rarely do I blog on Men's shoes, as I always think the selection is so much smaller. Well this Men's Giorgio Brutini Plain Toe 4 Eyelet Blucher  not only comes in the color,  Apple Tucano Print,  but 14 other colors as well!   The description says "This plain-toe four eyelet blucher with tucano print is perfect for any formal situation".  Can anyone  give me an example of the perfect formal event they would wear this to? If so, they are available from [phpbay]Giorgio Brutini, … [Read more...]

What Not to Wear, Zappo’s Marathon

I watched several episodes of What Not to Wear  last weekend  as they were having a marathon on TLC. If anyone else is like me, it was hard to not to notice they showed Zappo's shopping bags or boxes on all of them. Great advertising for huh?   … [Read more...]

Shoes helped get the job

I have always wanted a pair of Nike Shox.   I wear a lot of red so I chose these Nike Shox Ride III shoes in red.   These shoes also helped me to get a summer job.   The sales person really liked my attitude and said they were hiring.   I filled out the application and not even three days later, I had a new job selling shoes.   So not only did these shoes help to get me a job, but they are also the most comfortable running shoes I have had.   You can order directly from and/or Dick's … [Read more...]

Dance Dance Dance

My daughter is a dancer, not only for High School, but also with a private competitive company. I'm glad it gives her something to do, but when feet are in a growing mode, it's very expensive. She needed eight different pairs, yes EIGHT. Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, etc. This  Professional  Footlight Tap Shoe  from  Capezio was required for just one dance. Do you know what goes along with eight pairs of shoes? You got it, at least eight different outfits! So if you have someone like this … [Read more...]

Sister Z-Coil Shoes

Once again I have a shoe story related to my job at the church. We have this cute little nun that comes in each week to help with hispanic ministy, and she is always wearing these Z-coil  shoes. I've been here for over three  years and have never seen her in anything else.   There are tons of testimonials on to back up their comfort. But can you imagine only having one pair of shoes? [phpbay]z-coil, 5[/phpbay] … [Read more...]