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These Socks Better Last Forever

The ad for these  New Balance Second Skin Racer Lo-Cut socks says they are so comfortable, that it makes you feel like you're running barefoot. While I do believe in buying good socks, I'm thinking I could buy a pair of good running shoes and several pairs of socks for the price of these.    It also says the Arch support provides gentle compression lifts to support the arch and relieve arch-related pain  discomfort. Possibly these are so good one would not even need shoes. I guess I'm too cheap … [Read more...]

Sally Sells Seashells by the Seashore

I'm a sucker for Aerosoles.   And I'm a bigger sucker for sales.   Check out these Aerosoles Sea Squirt Slides  only $25.45  at!   Plus Free Shipping.   Save over 50% off! Available in Black, Brown or Red. Where's my credit card??!! … [Read more...]

No Cole Haan in Nebraska

This past weekend we were in a Member Guest Golf tournament, and my guest had a on some  really cute shoes. When I asked about them, she told me she got them on a trip when she was in Arizona. So today as I'm on looking,  I see that Nebraska is not even listed. What's up with that, do they think we don't wear shoes in this state? Anyway, she was telling me how comfortable the  shock absorbing  Nike Air sole was. Good thing I can order  these Cole Haan Air Brylee Stud Thongs  online … [Read more...]

Are these Fabulous Shoes?

Squeak may think she found some ugly shoes, but look at these I just found! Zappos  has rave reviews  these United Nude S Mobius Pump Hi Shoes  Fabulous and artsy Mobious design, in high heel/pump form.   Rounded pump silhouette with a loop shaped heel. Made from a single strip of leather. 3 1/4" heel. You call that a heel?   I disagree. You won't catch me paying $175 for these as I would never wear them! … [Read more...]

Fabulous Flip-Flop Find?

I've reiterated the fact over and over how I don't like flip-flops because I can't stand the feeling of something between my toes.   But I just found some of these Hue: Thong Wrapz that may be worthy of my time to try. Available from (only $6) these soft gel strips are supposed to prevent thongs from irritating your skin plus they are reusable to keep your "feet feeling fabulous". Anyone tried them? Update: BareNecessities is out-of-stock.   But I found them in stock … [Read more...]