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Even the President Wears Crocs

  President George W. Bush was seen in Washington wearing CROCS  getting ready to go on a bike ride.   Listen Mr Prez, the socks gotta go.   You do not, I repeat DO NOT wear socks with Crocs.   There are ventilation holes in Crocs for a reason. The Washington Post reports he  acquired the Crocs  on his own.   They were not a gift nor a marketing ploy. According to Manolo, wearing Crocs should be grounds for impeachment. … [Read more...]

MBT: Join the Revolution

The unique sole construction of Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) creates a natural instability underfoot, which the body has to balance with every step.   This leads to multitude of positive effects on the whole body... - activates neglected muscles - improves posture and gait - tones and shapes the body - can help with back, hip, leg & foot problems - can help with joint, muscle, ligament and tendon injuries - reduces stress on knee and hip joints Hmmm, these shoes sound like they … [Read more...]

We Love Reader Shoe Pics!

I like cute shoes, but I hate the pain of blisters and raw spots.   I am in love with my New Balance shoes.   They are so comfy and I can be on my feet for hours without pain.   I know they don't have heels or aren't pointy or trendy...but I love them.   I can run all of my errands, walk the dog, shop, etc and I don't worry about sore feet later.   ~ RL, CO New Balance Shoes are available from with Free Overnight Shipping! Submit a pic of your shoes and a story to go with them, … [Read more...]

Who Shines Their Shoes?

Ever walk by those shoe shine guys at the airport or on the street and say to yourself "who shines their shoes anymore"? If you were smart, it'd be you! I've never had my shoes shined by one of these guys before, but on a recent trip from New York, I stopped by the stand in Concourse A at DIA (Denver International Airport) and gave it a try. I just had a  jam-packed weekend at home with Kim and my shoes were terribly scuffed from being in a packed bar. As I hopped up in the chair, the guy … [Read more...]

Classy Zebra Striped Sandals

These Zebra print Matisse Modena sandals reminded me of  this past weekend.   We had a girls (ladies) sleepover. The afternoon was spent by the pool with drinks. The hostess was great, she even bought us all matching PJ's,  they yes all were zebra print. All five of us went to bed looking the same.   These may not go with  the pajamas,  however they are very fashionable and the hardware ornamentation  adds an extra touch. Available from … [Read more...]