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It’s All About Gladiator Sandals

From People StyleWatch Magazine (May 2007): Fashion warriors, rejoice! This strappy shoe comes in so many styles --   from sporty leathers to deluxe snakeskins -- everyone's a winner. Stuart Weitzman Oval Sandals available from for $198     Giuseppe Zanotti Leather Gladiator Sandals from Couture Zappos for $524     Aerosoles Santuary Metallic Leather Sandals available from for $69 Yes, You Can Wear Them! -- Consider the size and number of … [Read more...]

Handle Converse Hi Tops with Care

Hi, I am 15 years old, and  I have 85 pairs of shoes.  I am what my mom calls a shoe connoisseur. We recently moved and  I packed all my shoes in heavy duty boxes.    There was 16 in all.  I made my mom and dad mad because when  I marked the boxes  I wrote CAUTION EXTREMELY FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE.   After they loaded the boxes carefully they asked what was in them that was so fragile they thought it was my ps2   or special stuff I'd saved. They were really ticked to have carried them them so … [Read more...]

Penny’s Prints

My friend Penny loves leopard print, so I had to show her these shoes I found.   Then I had to pick her up from the floor once she saw the price! I cannot imagine spending $484.95 on a pair or shoes, even if they are Cesare Paciotti. Available from Wild and sexy, these Cesare Paciotti leopard print pumps will get plenty of attention. Printed silk upper with leather trim and heel quarter. Peep toe. Leather lined. Leather sole. 3 3/4 heel. … [Read more...]

Definitely HOT HOT Shoe Sale

This deal is too HOT HOT HOT to not check out...  80% off Shoes at    70% off Shoes at   I'm in  a hurry to shop myself, so you'll have to click the links yourself to see all the deals.   All Name Brands! And most with Free shipping with $25 order!   Hurry, hurry! … [Read more...]

Mind Your P’s and S’s

Every week at our Kiwanis gatherings, we play a fun trivia game of sorts.   Last week, the question was "How many things can you name that start with the letter "S" that you put on your feet?"   And can you believe I didn't win?!   Here's the things we came up with... Shoes, Socks, Sandals, Sneakers, Slippers, Skis, Skates, Snowboots, Slides, Stilts, Stockings, Stir-ups, Skechers Can you think of any others?   Then I read this "P" quote from Heather Hannan of Macy's Department Store  that … [Read more...]