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My Favorite Skechers Sandals

I promised to write about my current (subject to change with a new purchase) favorite Skechers Sandals. These Skechers Expose Sandals won a top six spot of the shoes I didn't pack away. I actually bought them at the same time I purchased my Aerosole Mules. They are quite comfortable (and notice nothing between the toes!) and also quite versatile. I wear them with jean shorts or capris. They also come in Black, but I like the Brown leather better. I give them a thumbs up! [phpbay]skecher … [Read more...]

Amazon Shoe Deal Alert

This just in... I get email updates from Amazon of their specials. And this one included SHOES! So thought I'd share.... 54% OFF - Skechers Men's Morpheus Side Trim Sneaker - Only $29.90 50% OFF - adidas Women's Kumasi Outdoor Shoe - Only $34.90 50% OFF - Dr. Martens Men's Moc Toe Lace Up - Only $44.90 And just when I wanted to go to bed... Looks like I may go shopping in my PJ's. … [Read more...]

My Poor Aching Feet

My cousin felt sorry for my aching feet and loaned me a pair of her old Skechers to wear while painting. I am partial to Nike sneakers, but beggers can't be choosers. This is the first pair of Skecher sneakers I have owned, and I can't complain yet. I doubt she wants them back as they are now embellished with multiple shades of paint from my new house. But I do own several pairs of Skecher sandals which I love. I promise to write about my fav pair next. … [Read more...]

Painting Party Shoes

I am having major withdrawals from all my beloved pairs of shoes. If you read my House for Kim blog, you will know that I am currently "homeless" as my new house is being built. We are living out of suitcases while our belonging are in storage. And I only packed *gasp* 6 pairs of shoes to last me through the month! I'm sure I'll have to buy a couple more pairs to curb my appetite. This week I am painting the house. And I forgot to pack an old pair of shoes to paint in! So, I had to … [Read more...]

Are Flip-Flops the World’s Favorite Shoe?

A dear reader, Wayne, knows my hatred of flip-flops so shared this CBS Sunday Morning Story with me: Flip-Flops, Footwear Of Pharoahs - A 'Fad' So Old It'll Make Your Toes Curl. My stomach did a flip-flop (pun intended) when I read this paragraph... "I have to say, I think they're much more than a trend," Gunn says, "and I think that they are so fully embedded into the culture that they're not going anywhere, and if anything, the number of wearers will expand. " Great. Just Great. … [Read more...]